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(Technology MBBR/MBR)

1 Process Description 1/6
Flow chart Description
(1) Sedimentation and separation chamber collects domestic waste water. It also has function to separate solid wastes from liquid waste based on their gravity.

(2) Waste water then flows into anaerobic media contact chamber from sedimentation and separation chamber. It contains organic material which is decomposed by anaerobic microorganism. On the other hand, nitrite and nitrate contained in the circulated water are converted into N2 gas by denitrification microorganisms.

Anaerobic reaction shown as follow :
Organic Material ------------> CH4 + NH3 + smaller materials + H2O
NO2 + NO3 ------------> N2 + H2O
Anaerobic Microorganism

(3) Anaerobic process treatment water flows into moving bed chamber. Organic material contained waste water is decomposed by aerobic microorganism, and becomes simpler product. In this case the organic waste material is used for development of new cells (protoplasm) and converted to other materials such as carbon dioxide, water, and ammonia.

Aerobic reaction shown as follow :

CHONS + O2 + nutrient------> CO2 + H2O + NH3 + Microbial cell
NH3 + O2 + nitrate cells ----> NO2 NO3 + H2O + Cells nitrate increase

Results of aerobic biological processes will also produce sludge which is suspended from treated water.

(4) Sedimentation chamber has function as place of settled sludge which is resulted by biological processes in moving bed chamber. Settled sludge will be transferred to sedimentation and separation chamber.
Concurrently NO2 and NO3 are transferred to its chamber.

Note: Without sedimentation chamber sludge will flow out resulting turbid water detected as Total suspended solid and COD.

(5) Disinfectant chamber serves as a place to put chlorine / disinfectant as a sterilization agent pathogenic microorganisms in the waste processed before discharged into the environment.
2 Sedimentation and Separation Chamber 2/6
Equipment Separation Box
Function Separating solid waste and liquid waste based on their gravity. Solid waste which has bigger density than water will be settled in the bottom of sedimentation chamber. On the other hand, lower density materials float and stay here.

1. Separation Box
- To separate solid waste and water.
- To collect large object in wastewater.
3 Anaerobic Contact Media Chamber 3/6
Equipment Anaerobic Media and Transfer Baffle
Function (1) Anaerobic media inside of anaerobic contact media chamber is the place where microorganism is growing up to decompose organic material contained in domestic wastewater resulting more simple organic content.
(2) To store excess sludge at the bottom and scum at surface of the water.
(3) Small SS is caught and stored by anaerobic media to reduce a load of moving bed chamber.
(4) Almost of NO2 and NO3 are reduced to N2 gas by denitrification microorganisms which settled in anaerobic media.

1. Anaerobic Media
- The Place where anaerobic microorganism is growing up.
- Anaerobic media catches SS and stores it inside.
2. Transfer Baffle
- As waste water channnel
- Desludging channel of anaerobic chamber
4 Moving Bed Chamber 4/6
Equipment Moving bed Media, Diffuser, Media Screen/Trap
Function Moving bed chamber consist of contact media called " Moving Bed Media", and aerobic microorganism is growing up inside of it. Moving bed chamber filled by moving bed media with 30 - 50% of the volume. Aerobic microorganism will decompose organic material from anaerobic chamber.
This aerobic microorganism consumption oxygen supplied by blower distributed through pipe line and diffuser located in the bottom of moving bed chamber. By generating oxygen in this chamber, moving bed media circulate in this chamber. Organic material is contacted to microorganism inside of moving bed media due to this circulation. In this process, organic material decomposition process will occur, and majority of the BOD, COD and other parameters are removed.
NH3 is oxidated to NO2 and NO3.
Components 1. Moving Bed Media
The Place where aerobic microorganism is growing up.

2. Diffuser
- Air diffuser is a device that is designed to provide uniform air flow throughout a room.
- It works to increase the efficiency of air conditioning

3. Media Screen/Trap
To prevent the media from transffering to the next chamber.

4. Blower
It provides air to the moving bed chamber.
It works for 24 hr.
5 Sedimentation Chamber 5/6
Equipment Measuring Box, Circulation Process
Function Sedimentation chamber is the place to settle sludge generated by aeration process, and treated water flowed into disinfection chamber. Sludge accumulated in the bottom will be transferred to sedimentation and separation chamber, which is called circulation because besides returning sludge into the sedimentation separation chamber, it also helps the denitrification process.
Components 1. Measuring Box
- Circulation flow control
*Circulated water quantity is controlled by adjustment of air quantity for air lift pump, and it can be checked at V-notch weir.

6 Disinfection Chamber 6/6
Equipment Disinfection Device
Function Microoranisms consisting in the treated water are disinfected by chlorine in the device before discharged into the environment.

1. Disinfection Device
Disinfection device consists of V notch, disinfection stage and disinfection tank
(1) Treated water comes into the disinfection stage over a V notch.
(2) Chlorine tablet which is in the chlorine tube is dissolved with the treated water.
(3) The treated water containing dissolved chlorine drops into the disinfection tank.
(4) In the disinfection tank, microorganisms are disinfected by chlorine.

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