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ozone generator for vegetables

Ozone Generator For Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits

Sterilizer for Fruits & Vegetables

Domestic Ozone Sterilizer - DOS-01

Domestic Ozone Sterilizer is a multi function device, used to purify both air and water. With digital display, there are 6 time duration for each rotation on the timer button, minimum staying times is 10 min, while maximum staying time can reach 90 mins. Manual rotate system can set the working time freely. We Offer Ozone Generator For Cleaning Vegetables and Fruits in Bangalore, Mysore and Mangalore.


Food and Water:

Fruits and vegetables washing.

Tableware washing.

Fish and meat Washing.

Water treatment.



Children’s articles.

Air Purification:

Airtight room



Carpets,newly decorated room with new furniture.

Our Products

Laundry Ozone- LX5

Laundry Ozone- LX5

Pool Ozone- X4

Pool Ozone- X4

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