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Vulcan - Electronic Anti - Scale System

Physical water treatment with Vulcan Against Scale And Rust

Physical water treatment has over the years successfully proven to be an efficient method to improve the quality of our water without adding chemicals or salt. Nowadays, it has become even more important to capitalize on technologies which do not harm our environment but rather try to create an optimal balance between man and nature. Vulcan is based on such a technology and is the result of over thirty years of constant research and improvements in the field of physical water treatment by ChristianiWassertechnik GmbH (CWT). Our latest product generation continues to provide you with reliable German quality combined with an extensive warranty.

The electronic anti-scale system

The green alternative to water softeners
Scale deposits on the inside of pipes, heating elements, household appliances and machinery create many problems, such as:

Loss of water pressure due to a reduced pipe diameter

Loss of energy in the hot water circuit

Dull surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms

High cleaning costs and the need for harmful cleaning agents

Repeated repairs or replacement of household appliances or - in the worst case - replacement of the whole piping system

High production costs

Decrease in productivity

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1. Vulcan stops scaling on surfaces

Vulcan modifies the crystalliza-tion of the calcium. The scale loses its adhesive power and is washed away with the water as a fine powder.

2. Vulcan sanitizes the piping system

Vulcan carefully dissolves exist-ing incrustations in the piping system. Only a thin protective layer remains in the pipe

3. Vulcan protects against rust and corrosion

Vulcan generates a controlled electrophoresis process, which produces a protective metal-car-bonate layer. It acts as protec-tion against rust and corrosion.

The eco-friendly electronic water treatment Get your eco-friendly solution against scale and rust today. The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology treats water with electronic impulses and does not use any chemicals or salt. Scale is washed away with the water as a fine powder.

Vulcan works on all pipe materials: iron, copper, steel, plastic, PVC, PE-X, compound pipes, etc.

Easy Do-It-Yourself installation without cutting the pipes

Vulcan works with special capacitive impulses and does not use magnetism

Maintenance-free 10 year warranty

Vulcan protects your whole piping system, appliances and equipment from aggressive scale deposits, unnecessary defects and corrosion.

Secure reduction of scale deposits in the whole piping system

Less time and effort spent on repairs and maintenance in your home, hotel or factory

Filters, shower nozzles and shower heads stay clean

Faster cleaning of kitchens and bathrooms

Considerable savings in washing and cleaning agents

Important and healthy minerals remain in the water

Food and beverages keep their natural taste

Skin feels less dry and softer

Increase in productivity

Benefits of Vulcan

Cleans pipes and restores original water pressure in the piping system

Substantial improvement in the use of energy for heating – much faster heating times (e.g. 1mm of scale takes away 10% of the energy) 15 / 63

Minimizing repair and maintenance costs – e.g. washing machines, water boilers, etc.

Reduction of cleaning efforts in sanitary areas – bathroom, kitchen, sink or on water taps … (reduction of aggressive cleaning agents)

Maximum working life of expensive production Facilities


Private Houses

Hotels, Condominiums and Large Buildings: e.g. Educational Institutions

Swimming Pools and Spas

Hospitality - Hotels, Restaurants, Cafés

Medical - Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Residences 31 / 63

Agriculture - Plants, Livestock, Machinery

Industrial Applications

Maritime Applications

Farming Applications - e.g. Poultry Farms

Solar Water Heating

Snow Production

Cooling Towers

Residential - Commercial – Industrial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which pipe material can be treated by Vulcan?
Vulcan works with every pipe material: Copper, iron, plastic, galvanized iron, PP, PE, PE-X, PVC, inox, compound pipes, etc.

Does the Vulcan treatment has a softening effect on the water?
The water dos not loose any essential minerals (calcium and magnesium). The composition of the water remains unaltered, but it feels softer. The hardness degree is the same before and after the treatment.

Do copper or synthetic pipes need a scale protection device at all?
Yes. Copper and plastic pipes are prone to calcifications too. The smoother a surface is the longer it can resists the process of calcification.

How long does Vulcan take to sanitize the pipes?
Vulcan removes scale and rust slowly and without affecting the pipes. The cleaning process takes about as long as it took the incrustations to develop.

Up to which degree of water hardness can Vulcan be applied?
Vulcan operates within a high performance frequency range. It can thus be successfully applied even on water of particularly high degree of hardness.

Which voltage range is the electronic plug-in power supply unit suitable for?
Vulcan power supply units are suitable for voltage range between 87 – 260 Volt and 50 – 60 Hz.

What are the costs for the electric consumption?
The annual power consumption costs about 3 - 10 Euro per year (depending on the unit size).

How long does the Vulcan effect last?
Time: The effect lasts 48 hours in cold water and up to 7 days in warm water Distance: The piping system is treated up to a length ofapprox. 2 km.

Where are the limits of the Vulcan system?
Peak temperature of heating element surfaces should not exceed 95°C (= 203°F).

Any maintenance for Vulcan?
Once installed, Vulcan works absolutely maintenance-free. All that has to be secured is power supply.

What do I do if there is no power supply available?
CWT offers solar-energy panels to provide for electricity.

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