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Sewage Treatment Plant/STP

Factories, Industrial units, and large residential complexes—your worry about sewage treatment is over.

A product which is a neat blend of technology and innovation, Akruthi offers one of the best portable sewage treatment plants for medium and large-scale institutions.

The Promax Hybrid sewage treatment plants are based on the MBBR (Moving Bed Bio Reactor) Technology. These sewage plants are robust in nature, efficient, but also they are prefabricated, compact and easy-to-use.

It ensures to provide high-quality of treated water with turbidity less than 1NTU, consistently. The plant comes with the standard ISO container size, which is easy to transport and install. They are fully automated and prewired using the latest PLC system. The recycled water the Promax Hybrid offers adhere to the BOD and TSS norms.

Salient Features

Fully automatic systems with automatic sludge separation
The core components are pre-assembled and fully-tested prior to shipping
The Sewage Treatment Plant comes with standard equipment such as:

Motor control panel


Epoxy-coated, 3 chamber bio-reactor tank

20 years warranty for the bio-media 450 m2/m3

Rotary displacement blower and dosing pump

Necessary non-return check-valves, butterfly valves, etc.

Main electrical switchboard /control panel with necessary cables and accessories

Submersible feed pump and displacement sludge/recycling pump with sludge separator

Suitable for:

Large industrial complexes

Factories and industrial units

Apartment complexes - small, medium and large complexes

Healthcare units

Hospitality units

Akruthi Enviro Solutions Pvt.Ltd’s Sewage Treatment Plants are eco-friendly, almost maintenance-free, and considerably reduces operational costs.

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