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Effluent Treatment Plant

Fine Chemicals and Intermediates (Organic) : Effluent Generation : 100KLD

Existing system comprised of treating the effluent with alum and polyelectrolyte, and the resulting effluent did not conform to the PCB norms for discharging effluent into the environment.

Solution : Utilizing the existing facility, a new idea was introduced to bring the effluent to within favourable condition for biological treatment. Within a span of 40 days from commencing the treatment process the final effluent characteristics has conformed to PCB discharge norms. The water was being recycled and reused within the premises.


Food Industry : Effluent Generation : 25 KLD

Existing system comprised only of aeration and anaerobictreatment. The treated effluent was not fit for recycle and reuse.

Solution : With the existing ETP, a comprehensive primary treatment was introduced to remove the dissolved solids and the anaerobic treatment was converted to biological treatment by introducing specific indigenously developed and tested pro-biotic bacteria in the aeration tanks and the results demonstrated that the process selected was ideal for the effluent generated.


Pesticide Technical and Formulation Industry : Effluent Generation : 30 KLD

Existing systems comprised of Multiple effect evaporator followed by aeration and tertiary treatment. In the process system the ammonia content which is high in the effluentwas not removed.

Solution In the existing aeration system bacteria was introduced and from the inoculation of bacteria of 30 days the sludge growth was appreciable and the Ammonical nitrogen that was to the extent of 2000ppm had been reduced to 200 ppm.


Ink Industry : Effluent Generation : 10KLD

In the existing treatment system the effluent that was coloured had to be treated before discharge.

Solution : The effluent after thorough analysis and trials in the laboratory, the process was formulated to remove the color and recycle and reuse the water for industrial purpose.


Herbal Extraction Industry : Effluent Generation : 15 KLD

The present system comprised of Concentrated Effluent and Lean Effluent Streams. There was no proper treatment envisaged for the effluent.

Solution : The effluent was treated to remove the solids which are organic in nature and the solids were coagulated and removed and found it could be reused for application in boilers as briquettes. The effluent after separation of solids was combined with lean effluent stream and is treated in biological treatment with the treated effluent being fit for recycle and reused for industrial purpose.


Automobile Service Stations

There was no treatment system being engaged, and the effluent was sent to the public sewer without any treatment.

Solution : After studying and understanding the site effluent generation sources and characteristics, a simple and economically feasible treatment system is designed, installed and commissioned. Following treatment the treated water was found to be fit to be discharged into the public sewer.


Contaminated Soil and Groundwater with Hazardous Industrial Chemicals

Following complaint from the industry, IQS completed thorough subsurface soil and groundwater investigation with unique technique and defined the source of contamination(contaminated with organic and inorganic chemical compounds) and the responsible party. Based on the subsurface investigation results, IQS has designed a treatment system and is in the implementation process to remediate the contaminated groundwater and bring it to reusable condition.

Also Provide ETP Solutions to the Following Industries

Pharmaceutical(Formulation, Bulk Drugs and Intermediates)

Textile Dyeing and Apparel Industry

Metal Derivative Industry

Plastic Industry

Packaging Industry

Paint Industry


Edible Oil Industry

Distillery Industry

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